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Resources to help your wellbeing and mental health

Wellbeing is a way of improving our lives and helps us to stay resilient, build social support and cope with adversity. Wellbeing is also something we explore when we are looking at our mental health, seeking how we balance our lives to be at our healthiest. A strong sense of wellbeing contributes to good mental health.  

The Wellbeing Hub is designed to help you figure out what works for you by providing a variety of resources and approaches for developing your wellbeing. 

18 Oct 2022

Routines, rituals and respect: how to navigate the new normal

It has been a busy year for all of us and having had disruption in many areas during the year due to floods, increase in interest rates, increase i...



Minds Count Foundation

The Minds Count Foundation is an independent, charitable organisation with the objective of decreasing work-related psychological ill-health in the legal community and promoting workplace psychological health and safety. They have developed the TJMF Workplace Wellbeing: Best Practice Guidelines which provide a framework to support organisations in creating a psychologically safe and health workplace.

7 Steps to Set Limits and Avoid Conflict at Work

Reduce stress at work and reduce conflict which leads to stress. The 7 steps are practical and make sense and introduces some approaches that may be new to you.  This is different to an adversarial approach that you may take when working on a case.  

5 minute read.

Building blocks to be healthy physically and mentally

The QLD Government has produced helpful resources that help us to keep well. These 6 building blocks give ideas of how to be healthy physically and mentally. This worth exploring and if you are new to focusing on your wellbeing it is good to do things in small steps and focus on perhaps one or two things to start with and build from there.


19 Apr 2022

Improving mental health in the legal profession

The fact that a swearing in speech by a Chief Justice included a reference to mental health issues is a hugely significant sign of the changing attitudes towards mental health in the legal profession. However, as long as a stigma remains, there is work still to be done.


22 Nov 2021

What does mindfulness mean for lawyers and law firms?

In December 2010, the Law Institute of Victoria (LIV) reported on a mindfulness training course developed by the LIV to address mental health issues in the legal profession (LIV December 2020 84(12), LIJ p16).

Flowers in the shape of lungs

27 Oct 2021

More on mindfulness: Micro practices

World experts were brought in to develop a two-day course which blends mindfulness, emotional intelligence and neuroscience to build skills for peak performance, stress management, strong collaboration, innovation, creativity and effective leadership.


22 Oct 2021

Mindfulness: An essential tool for the modern lawyer

Your mind is like a snow-globeā€¦ keep shaking it and there will always be snow or glitter floating around and preventing you from thinking clearly.