QLS Solicitor Support Pty Ltd

QLS Solicitor Support solicitors do not provide guidance or advice to members of the public.

All communications with QLS Solicitor Support solicitors are strictly confidential except in cases dealing with the reporting of certain irregularities or suspected irregularities in the administration of trust accounts.

QLS Solicitor Support solicitors are here to help full members of the Queensland Law Society with practice and ethical guidance, support and counsel. QLS Solicitor Support does not give guidance or counsel on issues relating to entitlement to practice, practising certificates or the conditions which may be imposed on practising certificates. 

QLS Solicitor Support may provide guidance, counsel, and support to non-members of the Society at the sole discretion of the Legal Practitioner Director, QLS Solicitor Support. For trust account enquiries, please contact the Trust Account Team.


QLS Solicitor Support solicitors provide guidance on:

  • Australian Solicitors Conduct Rules 2012 (Qld) (‘ASCR’) 
  • practice management practice and ethics issues 
  • client identification and verification 
  • client relationships and solicitor/solicitor relationships 
  • cybersecurity issues. 

We may mediate matters between solicitors of Queensland Law Society member firms at the sole discretion of the Legal Practitioner Director, QLS Solicitor Support. We can assist and direct practitioner enquiries to the Ethics Committee. 

Application Information

QLS Solicitor Support solicitors do not:

  • provide formal oral or written opinions
  • give substantive legal advice
  • advise on entire transactions
  • review large volumes of documents
  • assist with conduct complaints that have been made to the Legal Services Commission Queensland by members of the public or practitioners
  • provide advice about another solicitor’s conduct (though we may comment on whether, in our view, another solicitor’s conduct appears to be appropriate. In such circumstances, our comments are intended to assist the solicitor to decide on their next steps)
  • advise on technology or tax issues.

Usage Limits

QLS Solicitor Support reserves the right to decline to give guidance on any matter. Guidance from the solicitors is not a ruling or formal legal opinion, and it is not binding on the Queensland Law Society, courts or any tribunal. In accordance with these terms of engagement, completion of the phone call (and / or any subsequent email providing supporting documentation) will be viewed as an end to the engagement. Please note that in accordance with r 14 of the ASCR, we have your consent to destroy your documents (which includes the above recording) after a period of 7 years has elapsed since completion of the engagement.