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Lawyers' ethics are principles and values which, along with conduct rules and common law, regulate a lawyer's behaviour. This website aims to equip lawyers with the information and the tools they need to act ethically at all times, while also providing the community with an insight into legal ethics.

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Ethics and Practice News
13 Dec

Following Ms Gobbo’s recent interview on the 7:30 Report, practitioners are reminded that the obligation of confidence is far-reaching and nearly absolute. Read more

5 Dec

Mindfulness tends to be a polarising concept – people either swear by it and say that their mindfulness practice has turned their life around, or they are very doubtful and think of esoteric contortions or the impossible request to empty your mind and stop all thoughts.

But did you know that practising mindfulness can sharpen your awareness for you internal processes including early recognition of when our wellbeing is jeopardised? More than just an excellent tool for stress reduction, it also gives you more control over your responses to experiences. Read on to find out about different mindfulness techniques!

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Case Updates
11 Oct

Legal professional privilege – privilege as an actionable legal right – privilege as a cause of action – privilege as an immunity ­– injunctive relief in equity’s auxiliary jurisdiction.

8 Oct

Practice and procedure – costs – legal practitioners – barristers – where self-represented litigant may not obtain any recompense for value of his or her time spent in litigation – Chorley exception – whether Chorley exception exists for self-represented litigant who is a solicitor or barrister – whether Chorley exception is recognised as part of the common law of Australia.

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