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Introduction to legal ethics

Lawyers' ethics are principles and values which, along with conduct rules and common law, regulate a lawyer's behaviour. This website aims to equip lawyers with the information and the tools they need to act ethically at all times, while also providing the community with an insight into legal ethics.

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Ethics and Practice News
7 Nov

Which energy sources do you use to feed your brain? And could it be that you put more thought into choosing the right fuel for your car than ensuring optimum nutritional levels for your precious prime organ which is involved in every single physical, mental and emotional aspect of our being? To find out what the exciting new field of nutritional psychiatry recommends for mental health and wellbeing.

25 Oct

Retirement is a time of change and adjustment which opens up new challenges or opportunities. The most important thing is to embrace the change.

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Case Updates
11 Oct

Legal professional privilege – privilege as an actionable legal right – privilege as a cause of action – privilege as an immunity ­– injunctive relief in equity’s auxiliary jurisdiction.

8 Oct

Practice and procedure – costs – legal practitioners – barristers – where self-represented litigant may not obtain any recompense for value of his or her time spent in litigation – Chorley exception – whether Chorley exception exists for self-represented litigant who is a solicitor or barrister – whether Chorley exception is recognised as part of the common law of Australia.

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