Queensland Law Society

Access to Justice Scorecard

Queensland Law Society’s annual Access to Justice Scorecard asks members of the legal profession to identify existing barriers and propose ideas on how to improve access to justice for Queenslanders. The Scorecard assesses the workings of our legal system through the lens of the profession, including the fairness of our laws, dispute resolution and Queenslanders’ access to legal help. Each year a broad range of respondents provide input including those from private practice, influential non-profits, government and the tertiary education sector.

In 2017, members were encouraged to complete the Access to Justice Scorecard during July. The survey was comprised of multiple-choice questions about the state of access to justice in Queensland and the choices were based on responses from previous years. The response rate more than doubled from that in 2016, and was the largest response to date.

The 2017 Access to Justice Scorecard concluded that there is a clear concern about the current inadequate access to legal assistance. Overall, respondents believe the quality of service offered by the legal assistance sector is excellent and that additional funding for these services is crucial in improving access to justice.

View the 2017 Access to Justice Scorecard data analysis and report here.

View the 2016 Access to Justice Scorecard report here.

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