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Showcase your expertise in your chosen area of practice as a recognised Queensland Law Society Specialist.

QLS's Scheme is part of a national framework of schemes run by other law societies and a national benchmark for recognising specialist expertise.

What is an accredited specialist? 

The Queensland Law Society Specialist Accreditation Scheme is a rigorous, practical and peer-reviewed competency based accreditation program, which is intended to promote the professional advancement of Solicitors in Queensland. It is designed for Solicitors who are full members of the Society and engage in legal practice in a particular Area of Accreditation. Solicitors who are accredited as specialists are recognised as having enhanced skills, superior knowledge, significant experience and a high proficiency in established legal speciality areas. The high standard of the Scheme ensures that recognition is meaningful and reliable, and represents a mark of excellence for those who are Accredited Specialists. 

Queensland Law Society currently recognises 11 areas of speciality:

  • Family law
  • Criminal law
  • Succession law
  • Personal injuries
  • Commercial litigation
  • Business law
  • Property law
  • Workplace relations
  • Mediation
  • Taxation law
  • Immigration law

QLS does not offer specialist accreditation programs for Immigration law, Taxation law and Mediation.  

QLS does not run specialist accreditation programs for Immigration law or Taxation law. Queensland practitioners can contact the Law Society of New South Wales and/or Law Institute of Victoria about enrolling into one of these programs, as they are both nationally based and successful graduates are eligible to seek mutual recognition in Queensland from the QLS Specialist Accreditation Board.

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Choosing the right lawyer is an important decision and you can use the QLS register to find an accredited specialist based on the practice area and/or location. 

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