How to become a solicitor

To practise as a solicitor in Queensland involves four steps:

A practising certificate is required to practise law in Queensland. Certificates are issued pursuant to s.49 of the Legal Profession Act 2007, and must be renewed annually.

For details on how to proceed if you have qualified overseas, access the below links:

Practitioners who intend to practise as principals are also required to successfully complete the QLS practice management course. This course expands practitioners' managerial skills and helps them to easily transition to the role of principal.

Practitioners admitted to other Australian jurisdictions

You should be aware that admission in Queensland via the Mutual Recognition (Queensland) Act 1992 is NO LONGER REQUIRED as Queensland is part of the national legal profession. Practitioners admitted to practise in any Australian jurisdiction are entitled to apply for a Queensland Practising Certificate without seeking admission in Queensland based on their admission in another Australian jurisdiction. You can obtain a practising certificate in Queensland from the Queensland Law Society (QLS) (as a solicitor) or Queensland Bar Association (as a barrister). I draw your attention to sections 5 to 8 of the Legal Profession Act 2007.

If you have any queries in relation to practising certificates, please contact Records and Member Services on 1300 367 757 or email

New Zealand Practitioners

In order to practice in Queensland, practitioners who have been admitted to the High Court of New Zealand must apply for admission in Queensland under the Trans-tasman Mutual Recognition (Queensland) Act 2003.

Please note if you choose to seek admission via the TTMRA , the fee payable to the Board is $671.00 to be paid by cheque, money order or credit card over the phone. All cheques and money orders should be made payable to the 'Legal Practitioners Admissions Board'. Please complete the contact details form below and submit it to the Board when you pay the Board’s fee.

Applications under the Trans-tasman Mutual Recognition (Queensland) Act 2003