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First Nations People

First Nations People

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We acknowledge the First Nations peoples as the original inhabitants and custodians of Australia. We recognise, respect and celebrate the cultural distinctions of First Nations peoples and value their rich and positive contribution to not only Queensland but also to the broader Australian society.

Our vision

Our vision is to support and advance First Nations People to effect positive change.

Our First Nations Cultural Outreach Strategy 2020-25

On 19 June 2020 the QLS Council approved the First Nations Cultural Outreach Strategy 2020-25. The Strategy is divided into five goals:
•    Advocate
•    Educate
•    Connect
•    Support
•    Imbed
Our aim is to effect positive legislative and policy change, increased engagement and education in cultural resources and initiatives and most importantly to quadruple the number of First Nations Solicitors in Queensland by 30 June 2025.
The Strategy is supported by QLS Council and QLS staff and is overseen by an external First Nations Consulting Committee.

Read about our strategy here.

If you would like to get involved and be a part of the winds of change, please email cos@qls.com.au

QLS First Nations Plan

To supplement the First Nations Cultural Outreach Strategy, the QLS Council has approved the annual First Nations Plan, which sets out the Cultural initiatives the Society wishes to achieve each financial year.
If you are interested in learning more about the QLS First Nations plan, please email cos@qls.com.au


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