The Supreme Court is responsible for the admission of lawyers in Queensland. It is assisted by the Legal Practitioners Admissions Board (LPAB), which issues recommendations as to the eligibility & suitability of applicants in the form of a certificate of compliance.

To be eligible for admission, all applicants must have completed approved law qualifications, undertaken approved practical legal training via a practical legal training course or Supervised Traineeship at a firm, and be able to satisfy the Admissions Board and the Court of their fitness to practise. More information about the required study and training to become a lawyer in Queensland is available in the Law in Qld section of this website.

If you have completed your academic qualifications and/or practical legal qualifications overseas, you will need to apply for these qualifications to be assessed by the Board. You may need to complete additional study in order to obtain approved academic qualification and/or approved practical legal training in Queensland. More information about how to have your overseas qualifications assessed etc is available in the Law in Qld section of this website.

IMPORTANT ADMISSION INFORMATION - Amendments to the following:

Supreme Court (Admission) Rules 2004 (effective 1 May 2024)

Please note amendments have been made to the Supreme Court (Admission) Rules 2004.

Please see the Queensland Legislation website for more information regarding the amendments to the Rules.

- Admission Information Kit and Admission Forms (updated 12 April 2024)

Please note amendments have been made to the Board's information and forms relating to applying for admission to the legal profession in Queensland.

Admission sittings

Important dates and deadlines for June's Admission and information about when and how to make payment of the Board's fee for consideration of your application.

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Admission kits

Admission kits are available for PLT students and supervised trainees to assist in completing the required documents to be submitted to the Board and the Court at least 28 days prior to any sitting (the 28 day deadline).

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Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding admission to the legal profession in Queensland has been compiled for  applicants seeking admission.

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