Managing a practice

Topics of interest and resources available to those who manage a legal practice or an organisation conducting legal work. QLS supports legal practitioners with relevant information, guidelines and practice-related resources. 

Regulatory obligations

Trust Accounts

Explore the range of resources and information available to help your manage a trust account in Queensland. 

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External interventions

QLS can appoint an external intervener to a law practice for the purpose of protecting the interests of the general public, the interests of clients and the interests of lawyers (in so far as they are not inconsistent with the interests of the general public and clients).

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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Every law practice in Queensland must hold professional indemnity insurance that complies with the Queensland Law Society Indemnity Rule 2005.

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Regulation Policies and Guidelines

QLS has a number of policies that govern how we regulate Queensland solicitors and Incorporated Legal Practices. These policies and guideline mental health, employing lay associates, bankruptcy amongst others. 

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QLS services for your practice

Practice Support

Queensland Law Society has developed a comprehensive range of offerings, both to support you individually, and also to help you run your practice efficiently, ethically and profitably.

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QLS Service Directory

Services available to members to protect you, support you, and help you grow your business.

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Frequently used resources

REIQ Contracts

Sale contracts prepared jointly by QLS and REIQ. These are provided to QLS full members. You must be logged in to view.

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Interest rates

Information about current and historical interest rates as set by the Family, Federal, Supreme, District and Local Courts as well the Court Suitors fund.  Also included are contract default rates.

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Find information about the regulation of legal costs between a solicitor and client.

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