Access to Justice Award

This award recognises an individual who has made outstanding contributions to improving fair and equal access to justice for all through their work including legal representation, advocacy, leadership, innovation and influence. They have demonstrated a passion and commitment for access to justice and/or pro-bono activities, leading to better outcomes for individuals and/or communities.


Contribution (marked out of 20)

Nominee demonstrates outstanding contributions to improving access to justice in the community and/or for individuals.

This can encompass a wide range of activities including:

  • offering services pro bono or low-bono to individuals and community organisations
  • being a Legal Aid preferred supplier
  • volunteering for community legal centres and similar services
  • advocacy for the access to justice needs of the vulnerable in the community
  • developing innovative service models to fill the access to justice gap
  • leadership to inspire, encourage and develop legal assistance and/or pro-bono services
  • making a career in the access to justice sector, for example working at a Community Legal Centre, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Centre, Family Violence Prevention Legal Service, Legal Aid service or charity.

Impact (marked out of 20)

Nominee can demonstrate the impacts and outcomes of their contribution to access to justice. This may be from a key access to justice initiative or it may be from a sustained record of service in the delivery of services to clients and/ or the community.

Professional excellence (marked out of 5)

Nominee demonstrates professional excellence in legal practice through examples of quality legal services and embodies the values of the Society in their interactions with clients and other organisations.

Leadership (marked out of 5)

The nominee shows outstanding leadership, influence or innovation to enhance the provision, management and delivery of legal services within their organisation, Community Legal Centre and/or community.

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    • This award is open to all solicitors (who are members of the Society) making a contribution to access to justice for individuals and communities.
    • Nominee must be nominated (no self-nominations) and:
      • be an individual (organisations can nominate an individual)
      • be a member of QLS (full membership)
      • be Queensland-based.
    • Nominees must be of good character. Nominations are reviewed by Queensland Law Society's regulation division and the QLS Ethics and Practice Centre. The due diligence will include (but is not limited to) legal review of the nominee's disciplinary history.
    • The nominee has not previously won this award.
  • Not eligible

    • Judging panel members
    • Members or employees of the organisation sponsoring this award are not eligible for nomination.
    • Queensland Law Society Council members or employees are not eligible for nomination.
    • Teams or firms are not eligible. This award is open to individuals only.

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Key dates

Thursday 18 April Nominations open

Monday 10 June Nominations extension close

Monday 15 July Finalists announced 

Saturday 24 August Winners announced

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