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15 Jul

Last week we witnessed a watershed moment in legal practice in Queensland when Queensland’s Chief Magistrate Judge Terry Gardiner paved the way for the listing of all criminal matters in the Magistrates Courts electronically.

Magistrates Court Practice Direction 7 of 2020 allows for either prosecutors or defence legal representatives to submit an electronically lodged form for any matters listed in the Magistrates Court seeking an order for a date for a directions hearing, bail application or sentence. For those looking for more information, visit Proctor.

14 Jul

I’ve always been ‘Mum’. I’m the eldest of two younger brothers who I loved fussing over when I was a kid. I now live in an all-boy share house and I’m definitely the Mum there too! I’ve always been one to put others needs before my own; which is a good and bad thing. It’s a trait I’ve definitely carried into my career; especially now working in family and domestic violence law – an area I swore I’d never work in!

3 Jul

We are excited to tell you that Proctor online is LIVE and available now.

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