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You hold a current Practising Certificate to practise as a solicitor in Queensland

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You work in the legal profession as a barrister, serving an articled clerkship,
as legal support staff or University professor

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You are a university student studying law

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Should you need to make payments in person at Law Society House, you must pay by EFTPOS or credit card. Please note: allow 7–10 working days for applications to be processed. 

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GPO Box 1785, Brisbane QLD 4001

Become familiar with your obligations

All members should become familiar with the Legal Profession Act 2007, Legal Profession Regulation 2017, Legal Profession (Society) Rules, Queensland Law Society Administration Rule and the rulings of Council. You should also ensure you always hold a current Practising Certificate (full members), notify Queensland Law Society in writing of any change of address or employment, and have your voice heard by participating in Queensland Law Society council elections.

Renewing members

Current full and associate members can renew their memberships in May every year. You will be contacted by email when the renewal period opens again. Make sure to check and update your contact details regularly so that you receive our regulatory and renewal information.