Solicitor Advocate Course

Increase your skill base for advocacy work in courts and tribunals through an intensive online advocacy course.

As an ever-increasing share of advocacy in Queensland is undertaken by solicitors, clients and employers are looking for candidates with a skill-set that includes the ability to run matters personally, in courts and tribunals. Whether you are an early career lawyer looking to bolster your employability, a solicitor transitioning to back-end work or looking to start your own practice, strong advocacy skills are a must. The ability to conference with and prepare clients, examine and cross-examine witnesses and deliver persuasive submissions will be essential to the solicitors of the future.

To enhance your ability to deliver personalised and effective advocacy and give you the edge in court, QLS have partnered with the Australian Advocacy Institute  to offer an intensive course covering these essential skills. The course will provide the opportunity to practise these skills in a real court setting and under the guidance of expert instructors including judges and experienced advocates.

Courses are currently offered in an online-only format over a three-day period and are not available as an on-demand resource.

Disciplines covered by the course include:

  • presenting applications and injunctions
  • development of case theory
  • preparing and delivering effective examination and cross-examination
  • preparing and delivering logical and persuasive opening and closing submissions
  • communication in the courtroom
  • advocating in an ethical way

Upcoming courses

To find upcoming courses please see the QLS Events page

To express your interest in registering for courses not yet open for registration, contact the Events team on 07 3842 5806 or and we will notify you when registrations open.