Interstate and beyond

Practising federal law in Queensland

To practise in a Federal Court, or a Court exercising federal jurisdiction in Queensland, a practitioner must to be:

  • admitted to the profession in an Australian jurisdiction; and
  • on the Register of Practitioners kept in the High Court in accordance with the provisions of section 55 of the Judiciary Act 1903 (Cth).

For further information, see the High Court website.

Practising interstate

Taking out a practising certificate in another Australian state is a far simpler process than it was twenty years ago. You will not need to be readmitted in order to practise interstate: admission in Queensland entitles an individual to apply for a practising certificate in any other Australian state or territory. You may be required to provide a Certificate of Fitness from QLS. 

In order to begin the process of applying for an interstate certificate, you will need to contact the relevant law society.

Cancelling your Queensland certificate

Under s 45(3) of the Legal Profession Act 2007 (Qld), an individual can only hold one Australian practising certificate at any given time. If you’re planning on taking out an interstate certificate, your Queensland certificate must be cancelled.

The application form can be submitted to the Society by

  • email at OR 
  • post to Records and Member Services, Queensland Law Society, GPO Box 1785, Brisbane Qld 4001

Practising overseas

The expatriate life is very appealing to many solicitors. In order to begin the transfer process, your first port of call should be the law society or legal regulatory body of the jurisdiction you intend to move to. They will be able to provide information on how to have your qualifications recognised or further study that may be required to practice law in your chosen country.

Our sibling societies

Whether you're planning on moving permanently to another jurisdiction or just need to act there temporarily, your first step should always be to content the relevant law society. 

Law Society of New South Wales 
02 9926 0333

Law Institute of Victoria
03 9607 9311

ACT Law Society
02 6247 5700

Law Society of Tasmania
03 6234 4133

Law Society Northern Territory 
08 8981 5104

Law Society of South Australia
08 8229 0200

Law Society of Western Australia
08 9322 8600

Coming back

You will be required to complete an application for a practising certificate and submit this form alongside a certificate of fitness and good standing from the appropriate authority in the jurisdiction or jurisdictions in which you have practised. 

The application form can be submitted to the Society by:

  •  email to OR 
  • post at Records and Member Services Queensland Law Society GPO Box 1785 Brisbane Qld 4001

If you have any questions regarding any of these matters, please do not hesitate to contact Records and Member Services on 1300 367 757 or email