Queensland Law Society ensure members, government and the public are fully informed about their activities, performance and obligations through these corporate documents and publications:

Strategic & Operating Plans

Queensland Law Society is committed to ensuring members, government and the public are fully informed about our activities, this information is available online within the Strategic Plan.

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Annual Reports

Queensland Law Society produces a report for each financial year detailing its achievements, financial position and organisational details for the year. It is presented to the Attorney-General and members each October and outlines not only the Society’s performance, but also its future direction.

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Right to information

Learn more about right to information and how it affects access to information. The Right to Information (RTI) laws form part of the Queensland Government's initiative to provide the public greater access to information as well as encouraging openness in government agencies.

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News & media

Queensland Law Society actively promotes Queensland’s legal profession and represents our members.

Through ongoing liaison with the media, we strive to achieve informed and balanced reporting on legal issues, the profession and the Society.

Proctor Online

Online profession updates provide members and practitioners with legal news and views to keep them informed of all aspects of law and legal practice.

QLS Update

QLS Update is our weekly communication to members that is valued by members and a key benefit of Queensland Law Society (QLS) membership. 

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