Future Leaders Committee

Right now, nearly 40% of Practising Certificate holders in Queensland are either 35 years old or under, or have less than 5 years post admission experience (PAE). This emerging demographic, with their unique needs and expectations, are the profession’s new voices and they need to be heard.

The Future Leaders Committee (FLC) is a platform for next generation lawyers to launch their dreams, ideas and thinking for our profession. A democratically elected committee of members who will represent and advocate on behalf of their peers for two years. The next FLC election will take place in September 2022.

What does the Future Leaders Committee do?

The Future Leaders Committee (FLC) is the only QLS committee elected by members. It serves a very important function in supporting and representing the future leaders cohort.

The key responsibilities of the Committee include:
  • working closely with QLS committees and external stakeholders to improve QLS’s membership offering
  • raising awareness and advocating on behalf of their peers on issues affecting future leaders
  • assisting QLS with the development of professional development programs relevant to their colleagues and cohort
  • involvement and support for Queensland Law Society Emerging Leader Award.


The Future Leaders Committee Charter is the governing document setting out the powers and responsibilities of the Future Leaders Committee as well as the Election By-Laws.

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Top row (left to right): Simon Playford, Rebecca Murray, Zoe Navarro, Matthew Hollings, Storm Scarlett

Bottom row (left to right): Minnie Hannaford, Georgia Athanasellis, Ella Thomas, Kate Pidgeon


2021 Future Leaders Committee

FLC President
Minnie Hannaford

FLC Deputy President
Storm Scarlett

FLC Vice President
Matthew Hollings

QLS representative of the LCA, Young Lawyer Committee
Simon Playford

Ordinary members of FLC
Georgia Athanasellis
Rebecca Murray
Zoe Navarro
Kate Pidgeon
Ella Thomas

Meet the committee