Agnes McWhinney Award

Named after Queensland’s first admitted female solicitor—Agnes McWhinney, the award recognises a female lawyer that has forged new pathways for themselves, their peers and/or those that they serve through a commitment to excellence, equity, professionalism and service to the community.


Breaking ground

Demonstrate how the nominee has facilitated a pathway, in the profession, that allows those around her to excel. For example through:

  • mentoring junior practitioners
  • developing new ways, technology, processes or methods that revolutionise ordinary practise
  • supporting organisations that contribute to community welfare
  • significant service or support for women in the profession.

Commitment to Excellence

Demonstrate how the nominee shows excellence in their day-to-day work so much so that they are highly valued by their profession and community.


Nominee demonstrates outstanding leadership attributes including examples of how they have been able to adapt and thrive in the profession and thereby inspire others. The nominee is highly regarded as a legal practitioner and for their achievement in excellence in practice. 


Nominee demonstrates their faithful commitment to the profession and serving the community.

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  • Nominee must be nominated (no self-nominations) and:
    • be an individual (organisations can nominate an individual)
    • hold a current practising certificate issued by QLS
    • be a full member of QLS
    • be Queensland-based.
  • Nominees must be of good character. Nominations are reviewed by Queensland Law Society's regulation division and the QLS Ethics and Practice Centre. The due diligence will include (but is not limited to) legal review of the nominee's disciplinary history.
  • The nominee has not previously won this award.

Not eligible

  • Judging panel members
  • Queensland Law Society Council members or employees are not eligible for nomination.
  • Teams or firms are not eligible. This award is open to individuals only.

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Key dates

Thursday 20 April Nominations open

Thursday 1 June Nominations close 

Wednesday 5 July Finalists announced 

Saturday 5 August Winners announced