Incorporated Legal Practices Membership

From 1 July 2022, incorporated legal practices (ILP) will be able to take up Society membership.  Applications to join the Society and to participate in the QLS Professional Standards Scheme will be taken on line during renewals.

The ILP membership is provided to allow an ILP to participate in the Queensland Law Society Professional Standards Scheme and so limit its liability for any damages arising out of the provision of legal services.

ILP membership confers no participatory rights in the Society.  It is very unlikely the membership is of any utility except for the ILP to participate in the Professional Standards Scheme.

The criteria for ILP membership is:

  1.  all of its employed solicitors hold practising certificates; and
  2. each of those solicitors is a full or honorary member of the Queensland Law Society.

Scheme participation for eligible ILP members is automatic upon granting or in later years renewing membership unless the member applies for and is granted an exemption.  Participation in the Scheme, like membership must be renewed each year.

ILP membership is free.  The cost to an ILP to participate in the Scheme is $50 per annum.   For an ILP membership form or more detail about the Professional Standards Scheme follow the links below: