A report into the CCC's investigation of former councillors of Logan City Council and related matters

Today, the Queensland Parliamentary Crime and Corruption Committee tabled its report in the ‘Inquiry into the Crime and Corruption Commission’s investigation of former councillors of Logan City Council; and related matters’.

The inquiry examined significant issues relating the conduct and processes of the Crime and Corruption Committee in the context of an investigation into former councillors of the Logan City Council and a related unfair dismissal matter in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.

The report makes 14 findings and 6 recommendations, including calls for legislative reform and cultural change, which now need to be considered by the Government, as well as any other action that should now be taken.

As noted by the Chair of the Committee in his forward:

“Queensland needs an effective, impartial and independent watchdog on public sector corruption and major crime. The committee’s report tabled on 30 June 2021 made a number of recommendations in this respect, and this report builds on that. Key to this is Queenslanders having confidence in the CCC and its use of the extraordinary powers that have been entrusted to it – in particular, that these powers will be used impartially, independently, fairly and having regard to the public interest, at all times and in all places. The committee finds that the CCC has exceeded the specific limits on its powers under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2010 in the Logan City Council matter and the Crime and Corruption Act 2001 (in regards to assistance within the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission process), and further finds that the CCC Chairperson did not ensure the CCC acted independently and impartially.

This inquiry was about that Logan matter. However, the findings and recommendations of the committee should be seen as the starting point to ensuring that events about which the committee makes serious findings are never repeated.”

The Queensland Law Society provided a written submission to the inquiry. QLS will now consider the details of the report and what further advocacy is required on these issues on behalf of members.