Notice to legal practitioners in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic

The Queensland Supreme and District Courts will continue to conduct court matters in Local Government Areas subject to lockdown for the duration of the lockdown, to the extent consistent with medical advice.  

Civil matters

  1. Civil trials will proceed, subject to the direction of the presiding judge.
  2. Telephone or video link will be used to make applications and call witnesses whenever possible
  3. Applications will be made on the papers where that is feasible.

Criminal matters

  1. Only part-heard jury trials will proceed, although practitioners may apply for judge alone trials.
  2. Sentence hearings will proceed by audio visual link where prisoners are remanded in custody and prisoners on bail will continue to be dealt with in person.

Court of Appeal

The Court of Appeal will continue hearing matters as usual until further notice.  Practitioners who encounter problems with conducting hearings should contact the Registry promptly to enable suitable arrangements to be made.   Callovers will not take place until further notice but, instead, the Registry will be in touch with parties about listings.

Circuit Courts

Circuit courts in which a judge from one of the affected LGA’s is presiding will proceed, subject to the direction of the presiding judge.


To assist in avoiding the spread of the disease, practitioners should endeavour to minimise the need for physical attendance in courtrooms by minimising the number of people attending court for any given matter, resolving issues to the greatest extent possible, to reduce the time for which any presence in court is required and resolving matters wherever possible.

Within courtrooms, safe distances should be maintained, and practitioners should not be present in court other than when their matters are being dealt with.


Chief Justice                      Chief Judge

2 August 2021                    2 August 2021