Queensland Law Society is disappointed with the government’s decision today to introduce the Strengthening Community Safety Bill with the reporting deadline of 10 March 2023 and a submission deadline of 24 February 2023, providing a mere two and a half business days for stakeholders to respond.

Queensland Law Society President, Chloé Kopilović, stated a proper consultation period is what is required when it comes to youth justice. 

“We have consistently advocated for proper consultation, and the news of a two week reporting deadline on the new Bill is proof the government are not prioritising youth justice by rushing it through.”

The Strengthening Community Safety Bill will include an amendment to the Bail Act which allows children breaching bail to be charged with the same offence as an adult.

“Extending breach of bail as an offence to children and young people would restrict the ability of judicial decision-makers and therefore will likely lead to a substantial increase in the financial cost of remand and recidivist offending, as well as the social and financial costs of victimisation.”

“We are also disappointed with the emboldened decision to override this Government’s Human Rights Act and their statement stating the Bill’s provisions are “incompatible” with human rights,” Ms Kopilović said.

“We are looking forward to participating in the parliamentary committee process and hope the government takes the time to seriously consider submissions received from experts in youth justice.” 

To view the Strengthening Community Safety Bill, go to the Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel website: