The Strengthening Community Safety Bill 2023 will not keep QLD safe

The Queensland Law Society strongly opposes the proposed reforms detailed in the Strengthening Community Safety Bill 2023 and believe it will not keep Queenslander’s safe.

Queensland Law Society President Chloé Kopilović said the government’s Bill is disappointing.  

“These reforms are significant and will have wide-ranging implications for Queenslanders, in both the short-term and long-term. For the safety of the community and our youth, we need to ensure proposed laws work as effectively and efficiently as possible,” said Ms Kopilović.

“This has not been a meaningful consultation. If there were aspects of the Bill we were unable to comment on due to the limited response time provided this should not be taken as assent or support.”

Queensland Law Society is disappointed by the adoption of many aspects of the Bill by Government especially where proposed legislation seeks to expressly exclude the protections of the Human Rights Act 2019 (Qld) and breach of bail as an offence for children.

“Contrary to long-standing policy positions and assurances given to us in the Labor Party response to QLS Call to Parties election statements, it is saddening to see breach of bail as an offence for children be introduced.”

“Research shows this offence failed to address most bail breaches and we’ve consistently held the position that extending breach of bail as an offence will likely lead to a substantial increase in the financial cost of remand and recidivist offending.”

“Presently, the Government has also provided an unacceptably simplistic and brief justification of the legislation’s incompatibility with the Human Rights Act. This removal of the human rights of children does not serve its purpose in upholding the rights of victims of crime.”

“We have serious concerns regarding the Bill, including the potentially disproportionate impact on at risk young people and feel it is also simply unacceptable to continue to pass legislation that will have an indirect discriminatory impact on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people.” 

“We hope our recommendations and the various others they have received from expert stakeholders are taken seriously and this legislation is not rushed through as is.”

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