QLS releases Guidance Statement on AI

The Queensland Law Society has issued a guidance statement for solicitors on the responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI), making it the first law society in Australia to do so.

The guidance statement contains a list of ethical obligations solicitors should consider when appropriately using AI in legal practice.

Queensland Law Society President Rebecca Fogerty said: “Amid the rapidly evolving nature of AI technology, it is crucial that solicitors have a guidance framework in order to navigate the complex issues proposed by AI use.

“Despite common fears around the increasing use of AI, the technology, when used correctly, has the potential to provide numerous benefits to legal practice, including improving efficiency and making legal services more accessible.

“However, adopting and maintaining AI tools in legal practice requires extensive due diligence and ongoing supervision. We must ensure there are safeguards in place for the protection of clients, solicitors, and the legal profession as a whole.

Guidance Statement No 37 Artificial Intelligence in Legal Practice can be found here.