Modern Advocate Lecture Series

Fostering collegiality in the legal profession

Since the late 1980s, the Queensland legal profession has seen extraordinary growth, in both the number of firms and the areas of practice; the bar has also grown in response. The result has been an exponential increase in people practising law, but at the cost of the collegiality that once defined the Queensland profession. With technology devouring the simple tasks which once brought the junior profession together, opportunities to form professional relationships are few and far between.

To foster collegiality in the legal profession and promote engagement between solicitors and barristers, the Modern Advocate Lecture Series, an initiative of QLS Past President Christine Smyth, has been developed by QLS Ethics and Practice Centre.

The series will feature talks from notable figures within the legal profession dealing with advocacy issues relevant to the junior profession. By fostering collegiality in this way, the Society seeks to create opportunities for the junior ranks of the profession, and address briefing inequities that currently limit the progress of female barristers. To grow their professional network, a relaxed social event will be held after each talk.

Attendees will receive 0.5 CPD point in the Practice Legal Ethics category. By viewing a lecture online you will be entitled to 0.5 PLE CPD point.

Stafford Shepherd, Principal Ethics and Practice Counsel of QLS Ethics and Practice Centre speaks about the importance of the Lecture Series for promoting collegiality in the profession.

Current year:

Modern Advocate Lecture Series 2022

Previous years: 

Modern Advocate Lecture Series 2021

Modern Advocate Lecture Series 2019

Modern Advocate Lecture Series 2018

Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the 2020 series was postponed to 2021.

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