Disclosure log

Our disclosure log contains information about applications made under the Right to Information Act 2009 (RTI Act) to the Queensland Law Society. 

Documents contained in the disclosure log, where possible, are downloadable free of charge. Administration fees apply for hard copies (25c per page, plus postage and handling). There may be documents that are currently only available in .pdf format. Should you be unable to read this format please email RTI@qls.com.au (include information for contact by phone, email or in writing). We will endeavour to meet all reasonable requests for an alternate hardcopy format of the document. 

Some documents may have details removed, or pages that are blank, because the information is either irrelevant or exempt under the RTI Act. Online document download links are kept for a period of six months from the date of publishing. After that time, you can request a copy of the documents released and listed in the disclosure log by emailing RTI@qls.com.au

List of documents

RTI Ref.Application DateInformation requestedStatusApplicant
2100209427 Nov 2018Documents held by the Queensland Law Society relating to a current list of all enrolled legal practitioners in Queensland including their gender, law firm and type of practising certificate (i.e. principal or employed practitioner), excluding practitioner's names. Company and firm details were redacted.

Time period/date range for request: Current (as at 29 Nov 2018)
Application finalisedQueensland University of Technology