Innovation Insights

Welcome to the Queensland Law Society's legal innovation video series. We've put together a collection of short, informative resources to help navigate the latest advances in technology and changes affecting the business landscape of the profession. 

No matter what stage your career is at, the ability to navigate change will be a critical skill in the coming years. Take a few moments to explore these videos, and get insights from leading experts about the developments that bring new opportunities and risks to the practice of law.

Innovation Insights | Lessons of Mata v. Avianca Inc. 

AI tools are coming to legal practice and we will all be using them in the near future. Join Angus Murray (QLS Innovation Committee member, Law firm Partner) and David Bowles to discuss the practical takeaways from the recent US decision of Mata v. Avianca Inc.

To avoid professional consequences, every firm should consider how and when staff may use AI and make it clear that while document preparation can be delegated to AI, professional responsibility can’t. Practitioners are referred to the QLS Innovation Insights: template AI policy.

Innovation Insights | Cybersecurity Incident Preparation for Legal Practices 

Join Angela Champion, CEO of WHITE ROOK Cyber, and David Bowles for an insightful discussion of the steps that practitioners can take to prepare for the inevitable data incident in your firm’s future and the sort of fire drill that would be considered the minimum reasonable standard for legal practices of differing sizes.

Learn best practices for disaster recovery and business continuity planning, and gain practical tips for stress testing your firm’s plan. While of course prevention is the best cure, 32% of small business suffer some sort of data loss every year and being ready for it when it comes can make the difference to the impact on clients and your firm’s viability.

Innovation Insights | Understanding Capabilities of IT Contractors & Information Security with Rob Wilkinson  

Join Rob Wilkinson, IT Business Development Manager at Sentrian, as he discusses what security questions law firm owners need to ask of their IT providers. Rob discusses what to look for in service contracts, outlines five essential questions for practitioners to ask and clarifies expectations about information security versus network administrators.

Just as a lawyer who is retained to check a lease will not be revising a client’s sales documents, it is unfair to expect that the IT provider will turn their mind to security without specific instructions. Even then, only some of the defences available are technological, so the business needs to ensure that a security strategy which includes IT is in place.

Innovation Insights | Transforming Legal Practices with AI with Stirling & Rose 

The rise of artificial intelligence is transforming many industries, including the legal profession. As AI technologies continue to evolve, it will be important for law practices to successfully adapt these systems to streamline their own operations and improve processes. The remarkable capacity of AI systems to efficiently produce high-quality legal analysis means that firms can use this technology to substantially enhance the proficiency and quality of their efforts.

David Bowles and Sarah Millar are joined by Managing Director of Stirling & Rose, Natasha Blycha, and Associate, Ty Haberland, to discuss the opportunities for law firms and managers to consider when integrating these systems. This discussion provides insight for legal practices and managers into the integration of AI-related tools, and offers insight to Stirling & Rose’s experiences as a digital law firm that specialises in emerging technology.

Innovation Insights | The Paradigm Shift of AI in Legal Practice for Junior Lawyers

As the latest developments in artificial intelligence (AI) continue to transform the legal profession, it is important for junior lawyers to understand and effectively adapt to these technologies. The emergence of large language model-based systems have created significant inroads in legal practice, with generative learning methods currently at work in eDiscovery, contract review, document generation, and legal research. With the ability to automate a wide range of tasks and provide instant access to vast amounts of information, AI has the potential to greatly impact the way that legal work is performed. Join Sarah Millar and Ty Haberland, Associate at Stirling & Rose, to discuss the essential skills, cautions and best practices for junior lawyers using AI in the short and long term.

Ty is a lawyer and legal commentator at Stirling & Rose, a boutique digital law firm specialising in emerging technology. His expertise lies in assisting organisations with AI implementation and advising clients on a range of legal issues relating to digital assets, smart legal contracts and broader cutting-edge tech. Ty also has experience in coding, web development & UX/UI design and is currently building the prototype for a smart legal contract platform.

Innovation Insights | Technology in law with David Bowles & Chantal McNaught

Modern technology is continuously reshaping industries, and the legal profession is no exception. Join David Bowles and Chantal McNaught to discuss upcoming technologies and consider how practitioners can utilise and effectively integrate these to every-day practices.  

Innovation Insights | Cryptocurrency for Lawyers 

David Bowles is joined by Evann Vhugdis & Anthony Connolley from McGrath Nicol, a leading digital forensic & advisory firm, to discuss cryptocurrencies, how they affect legal practice and how to deal with them safely.

Innovation Insights | Automation Tools with Chantal McNaught

Join Chantal McNaught, Legal Practice Advisor at LEAP, to discuss how automation tools can be integrated by law practices to optimise key work flows.

Innovation Insights | The Gartner Hype Cycle with David Bowles

Trying to run a firm, service clients, keep staff productive & happy and squeeze in a little time for the mythical “work / life balance” can leave little time or energy for non-essentials. 

Yet we all know the legal landscape is changing and it is important to understand what is next down the track. Gartner Corp, one of the world’s premier ranking and analytics companies publishes an annual prediction sorting through the noise and letting us know what technologies are hype and which are about to become important. 

Join David Bowles, Queensland Law Society's Special Counsel, Ethics, for a 5 minute overview of the “Gartner Hype Cycle” graph for 2022/23 – what it means, what tech is ready for serious consideration and what that means for the legal profession.