External Interventions

Pursuant to Chapter 5 of the Legal Profession Act 2007 (“the Act”), the Law Society can appoint an external intervener to a law practice for the purpose of protecting the interests of the general public, the interests of clients and the interests of lawyers (in so far as they are not inconsistent with the interests of the general public and clients).

There are three (3) types of external interveners – a supervisor of trust money received by a law practice, a manager of a law practice and a receiver of a law practice.

Section 497 of the Act sets out the circumstances that warrant external intervention.

The roles of external interveners are set out in the Act as follows:

  • Supervisor – Section 502.
  • Manager – Section 508.
  • Receiver – Section 515.

For details of external intervention appointments, please contact the Society on telephone 07 3842 5888 or by email at info@qls.com.au

Visit the Forms Library to access the External Intervention forms.