Guide for individual PC holders

This is a step by step guide to renewing your PC and Full Membership this year. 

If you have issues with accessing the new myQLS portal, contact

If you have a query about the renewals process, contact 

Step 1. Opening your renewal application 

Sign in to myQLS using your new email user name and password.  Note: QLS ID number is not used.

Go to myQLS

Click the 'Renewal for Practising Certificate' tile. 

You will see the Renewals Walkthrough Guide. 

Step 2: Read the Walkthrough Guide

Read the walkthrough guide information. 

Step 3: Select Start Renewal or Not Renewing

Step 4: Notice 

Step 5: Monies owed

Insurances must be paid before Practising Certificates can be issued. 

Step 6: Details

There are fields here that you can update but some are locked eg date of birth as you need to contact to change. 

Step 6a: More details

You can provide information on your background. This information is provided to the Law Council of Australia. It is optional and confidential. 

Step 7: Questions

If you select an option other than renew current PC, you will be asked to upload supporting documents

Answer questions about suitability and CPD requirements. 

QLS also asks about ProBono hours completed

Step 7a: Questions continued

You can answer questions about joining QLS, opting out of the Professional Standard Scheme (not visible to government or corporate PC holders) or being displayed on the 'Find a Solicitor' service.
If you don't select membership, a shorter declaration is displayed. 

Step 8: Fees

An invoice will be automatically emailed to you once your renewal is submitted.  Please allow a few hours for this to happen.

If you are paying by credit card, continue to the payment gateway to complete the transaction.