Guide of organisations - Non-Lexon insureds

This page is a guide to complete renewal tasks for organisations.   

Support staff can gain access to their organisations information by contacting for an account to be created and portal access given with appropriate permissions. 'Managing partners / primary contacts automatically have access.    


Go to the new myQLS and log in.  Remember your new log in is an email address.

Click 'Organisations' 

See your organisation's profile and the renewals walkthrough tab

Here you see:

  • Organisation Details
  • Employees
  • Product Selection
    • Select the items you want to pay for. Press SAVE at the bottom of the page.

Generate the Payment Summary Sheet only when

  • you are certain that you have the correct number of practitioners
  • you have saved your product selection preferences

Invoices and saved versions of the PDF applications are available from the Documents and Invoices tab.

  • Click the Monitor and follow up link to see how many of your practitioners have completed their renewals.
  • You can also upload your Insurance Certificate of Currency.