Diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Queensland Law Society (QLS) is committed to promoting the principles and practice of diversity and inclusion in the Queensland legal profession.

As Queensland’s peak professional body for the legal profession, Queensland Law Society has an essential role to play in leading the profession towards healthy, safe, inclusive and respectful workplaces. The Society recognises that the issues of sexual harassment, workplace bullying and discrimination within the legal profession are problems which require considered and targeted responses.

The Society has created a position statement which sets out a strategy to highlight what the society considers to be the issues, its response and course of action addressing these issues.

In addition to the need to eliminate inappropriate workplace behaviours such as bullying, harassment and discrimination, it is also in every legal practice’s interests to implement appropriate equity, diversity and flexibility arrangements so as to:

  • attract and retain the best talent
  • reduce absenteeism rates
  • reduce stress or burnout
  • improve staff satisfaction and wellbeing
  • assist innovation and productivity
  • attract and retain more diverse clients
  • enhance management style
  • enhance practice reputation
  • reduce internal tensions.

Your feedback

Do you know of any innovative programs or measures to address diversity and inclusion issues which could be shared with the legal profession?

Have you come across any resources or information on these issues which the legal profession should be aware of?

If so, please email us at policy@qls.com.au

Your resources

The links below contain useful resources for you.

Organisational resources

The links below contain useful tools and resources to assist organisations to develop fair and inclusive workplaces.

  • Diverse Abilities Network—Accessibility Guide
  • LawCare
  • Sample policies
  • Anti-discrimination Commission Queensland: Employer’s toolkit
  • Heads up: Healthy workplaces for small businesses
  • Preventing and responding to workplace bullying
  • New South Wales Bar Association: Best practice guidelines

Training and education

  • On-demand recording: Workplace sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination