Updating your details

You can update your name, contact, and personal details in your myQLS profile.

To access your profile simply log into myQLS and navigate to the top of the page where you will see your name. Click on the arrow next to your name and select “Profile” from the dropdown menu.

Contact and personal details

Select Personal Contact Details from the menu on the left hand side.

In this section you will be able to update your personal details including:

  • mobile phone number
  • email address
  • residential address

You can also update your Communication Preferences and Cultural information (including languages spoken) by selecting these menu options.

Changing your name

Select Change Request from the menu on the left hand side.

Click the blue “Change of Name” button and complete the form.

You will need to provide one of the following supporting documents to authenticate your change request:

  • Marriage Certificate 
  • Divorce Certificate 
  • Change of Name Certificate

Request change to employment details

If you require further assistance with updating your details, please contact QLS’s Records and Member Services team on 1300 367 757 or email records@qls.com.au.