CyberEssentials insurance member benefit

For the past few years the QLS has purchased a group cyber-insurance policy which supports Member Firms experiencing data loss, ransomware and computer-assisted crime. For more information on this, see here.

As the number and severity of cyber attacks has risen, this insurance has become more difficult to obtain. Part of the challenge in renewing the policy is the lack of actuarial data which an insurer can use to assess risk. Unless QLS can obtain comprehensive survey data concerning the cybersecurity preparedness of our members, renewing the CyberEssentials policy in 2022 – 23 may not be possible.  

Your assistance in filling out the survey below is therefore both essential and appreciated.

The survey is:

  • Quick – most firms will be able to complete it in under ten minutes.
  • Anonymous – your firm’s details are not captured by QLS or passed on to the insurer. Only aggregate data is sent to them.
  • Relevant – insurers are interested in finding out whether insured firms have the most basic defences in place. If you run through that list and conclude that you do not, you have a red flag indicating that your data is at risk.
  • Secure – the link to the survey form is located on the QLS website. Information you give is held on the Qualtrics platform on Australian servers. Qualtrics was selected by QLS due to stringent security and privacy safeguards. (More details are supplied in the survey form.)

If you have any queries, please contact David Bowles at the QLS Ethics & Practice Centre by email or phone 07 3842 5843.

Survey closes Monday 23 May.