Technology & Innovation

The legal profession is facing disruption driven by rapidly evolving technologies and new and innovative ways of packaging and providing legal services.


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Building a resilient digital profile

In the business world of the 21st Century there are not too many business owners (and staff) who don’t have a social media account of some description.

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Choosing and using cloud services 

A quick reference guide for firms including project checklists and template policies. 

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Don't let the metadata bite - An overview for lawyers

Electronic documents contain background data, that may convey information a practitioner did not intend for another party to have. 

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Innovation Committee

The QLS Council has formed an Innovation Committee to explore how the legal profession is meeting disruption driven by rapidly evolving technologies and new innovative ways of packaging and providing legal services. 

The Committee has developed a number of streams of work to assist members adapt to these changes, including:

  • The Innovation Committee Report 2021
  • Hybrid work checklists and panel discussion
  • The Game Changers Proctor series
  • Innovation Insights Video series

Innovation Committee Report

  • What are the hallmarks of successful use of technology in legal practice?
  • Does having a law degree make you a good lawyer?
  • Should there be a requirement to keep up to date with the benefits and risks associated with technology?
  • What is needed in the transition from law student to lawyer and from lawyer to business operator?
  • What challenges and opportunities does working remotely present?
  • How can law firms use innovation to be sustainable?
  • What are the opportunities for improving access to justice that technology can bring?

2021 Innovation Committee report

Innovation Insights

Queensland Law Society has put together a collection of short, informative video series to help navigate the latest advances in technology and changes affecting the business landscape of the profession.

No matter what stage your career is at, the ability to navigate change will be a critical skill in the coming years. Take a few moments to explore these videos, and get insights from leading experts about the developments that bring new opportunities and risks to the practice of law.

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Hybrid work

The question is no longer should we or do we have a hybrid workforce in the legal profession in Queensland – it’s a resounding ‘yes’. The Innovation Committee was quick to realise that this is one of the biggest topics facing our profession at the moment, and sought to provide guidance on how to make it work for small and micro firms right through to large firms with dozens of support services.

A Panel Discussion

The QLS Innovation Committee’s hybrid work taskforce has developed a series of checklists that look at hybrid work from a number of different angles, to provide guidance to firms on making hybrid work. Hear from the taskforce as they talk through the checklists and explore some of the major issues which came up in their work preparing them.

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17 Nov 2022

Making hybrid work - part 1

The better question is now how do we make hybrid work? How do we get everything done, stay connected, and most importantly best deliver for our clients?

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23 Nov 2022

Making hybrid work - part 2

In this short series of articles, the Queensland Law Society Innovation Committee taskforce on hybrid work explores some of the major issues which came up when preparing checklists that look at hybrid work from a number of different angles.

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Game Changers

Game Changers is a short series of conversations with innovators in Queensland legal practice. It is an initiative of the Queensland Law Society Innovation Committee.