Technology & Innovation

The legal profession is facing disruption driven by rapidly evolving technologies and new and innovative ways of packaging and providing legal services. The QLS Council has formed an Innovation Committee to assist members to adapt to these changes.

The Committee has three objectives:

  1. To assist QLS to provide leadership to the Queensland legal profession in responding to transformative change in the profession
  2. To identify the drivers of change in legal services in Queensland, including:
  • Changing client needs and expectations of costs and value
  • Legal technology and innovation culture
  • Changing role of transactional legal work
  • Challenges in developing the next generation of lawyers

3. To report on what the profession and QLS may do to:

  • respond to the drivers of change
  • enable the legal profession to cope with and manage change
  • provide a clear benefit to the public and the profession.

The Innovation committee report – Stage 1 examines the key issues currently affecting the legal profession and recommendations to those problems, such as:

  • What are the hallmarks of successful use of technology in legal practice?
  • Does having a law degree make you a good lawyer?
  • Should there be a requirement to keep up to date with the benefits and risks associated with technology?
  • What is needed in the transition from law student to lawyer and from lawyer to business operator?
  • What challenges and opportunities does working remotely present?
  • How can law firms use innovation to be sustainable?
  • What are the opportunities for improving access to justice that technology can bring?