Guidance Statements

Council of the Queensland Law Society has directed that a series of Guidance Statements be published. They are a continuation of the obligation of the Profession to set its own standards of conduct. 

Queensland Law Society's Guidance Statements set out the Society's position in respect to specific subjects. Each Statement outlines a solicitor's ethical obligations in that particular subject area.

The Society would like to acknowledge the contribution of the Ethics Committee and Guidance Statement Sub-Committee in the drafting of these Guidance Statements.

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No.30 Transfer of files


This Guidance Statement provides assistance to solicitors in complying with their ethical duties when dealing with the transfer of files to another practitioner or their client.

No.27 Second opinions


It is important to be aware of your ethical obligations when being asked to provide a ‘second opinion’ by a client of another solicitor.

No.26 Multi-disciplinary practices - CLCs


This Guidance Statement considers the ethical issues faced by solicitors working in multi-disciplinary practices and in particular, focusses on the Community Legal Centre ('CLC’) experience where practitioners interact with social workers.

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