Council and committees

Queensland Law Society (QLS) is governed by an elected Council of 12 members, with an additional Council member appointed by the Attorney-General. Councillors are elected for a two-year term.

Who is Council?

Council is responsible for the governance of Queensland Law Society including the continual review of the strategic plan and the Society’s performance as reported through the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Council is also responsible for approving the annual budget, the operating plan and overseeing the financial management of the Society’s affairs. Operations are guided by its charter with meetings held about every 2 months.

The role of the president is to lead the Council in setting the corporate direction and goals and monitoring the performance of QLS. The president also works closely with the Chief Executive Officer to ensure the effective corporate governance of Queensland Law Society. Each president is elected for a term of one year, after which they become the immediate past president, with the deputy president succeeding to the office of president at the beginning of the second term.

The vice president is elected for a two-year period, assuming the duties of the deputy president in the second year of their elected term.

2024 Council

Council members

President: Rebecca Fogerty

Deputy President: Genevieve Dee

Vice President: Peter Jolly

Immediate Past President: Chloé Kopilović   

Ordinary members of Council

Mia Behlau
Samantha Bolton
James Conomos
Sheetal Deo
Bridie Edwards

Chris Kahler

Sarah-Jane MacDonald

Dan Rogers (Attorney-General's Appointee)

Phil Ware

Committees of Council

Queensland Law Society (QLS) has a number of committees which carry out a wide range of functions, including assisting Council with advice and developing policy.  The committees also provide a forum for the consideration of practical problems being experienced by members, and as a source of information on various issues for dissemination to members.  Some committees serve quite specific purposes and some relate to QLS’ statutory functions.

Governance committees

Regulatory, advisory and policy committees

Membership committees

The following membership committees and working groups aim to increase the membership and wellbeing of the Society: