Publication scheme

Our publication scheme is designed to release information we routinely make available to the public.

Information has been grouped into the 7 classes below to facilitate access to our routinely published information. It aligns with the government's proactive disclosure appr

Accessing information

You may download any of the information and documents contained in this publication scheme free of charge. If you wish to access any of the information or documents in a hard copy, then an administration fee will apply for photocopying (20c per page for black and white photocopy on A4 size paper), and postage and handling.

About us (who we are and what we do)

Queensland Law Society (QLS) is a membership association and regulator in Queensland that holds specific statutory responsibilities under the Legal Profession Act 2007

The Society issues practising certificates in Queensland, maintains solicitors’ records, regulates the operation of solicitors' trust accounts, protects and assists the public by advising the Queensland government on improvements to laws affecting Queenslanders.

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Our services

Queensland Law Society (QLS) provides the following services:


Our finances

Our yearly financial performance is detailed in our annual report.

As part of our statutory duties, Queensland Law Society also maintains a register and policy for gifts received that exceed $200.

Our priorities

Queensland Law Society’s (QLS) vision is to become the leading legal professional membership association in Australia.

Our strategic plan outlines our key strategies and areas of focus in achieving this goal.

The Society produces an annual report for each financial year detailing its achievements, financial position and organisational performance for the year. It is presented to the Attorney-General and members each year and outlines the Society’s performance and future direction.

QLS strategic plans and annual reports

Our decisions

As a statutory body, Queensland Law Society’s decision-making processes are governed by legislation, rules and internal policies and procedures. The decision-making powers lie with an elected Council of members who provide our strategic and policy directions. Decisions are made by resolution from a majority vote passed at Council meetings, which are usually held every two months (see Division 5 Council Meetings of the Legal Profession Act 2007 (Qld)).

The Society has an Executive Committee comprised of the President, Deputy President, Immediate Past President, and two elected councillors. The role of the Executive Committee is to help Council with the administration of the Society and implement Council's directions. The President is responsible for leading the Council in setting the corporate direction and goals, and monitoring performance.

Day-to-day operational decisions fall under the functions of the Chief Executive Officer assisted by the Executive Team and the Secretariat.

  • Part 76 Queensland Law Society Incorporated Legal Profession Act 2007
  • Legal Profession (Society) Rules 2007
  • Queensland Law Society Administration Rule 2005

Our policies

Queensland Law Society has a number of operational policies and procedures.

Office of the CEO

Office of the General Counsel

Disposal authorities and schedules
  • General Retention and Disposal Schedule for Administrative Records: from Queensland State Archives' website
  • QLS Retention and Disposal Schedule QDAN674
  • Public Interest Disclosure policy

Professional Standards

  • Statutory caps
    Guidelines – statutory caps
    Guidelines for exercise of discretion pursuant to subs396(4), LPA 2007
  • Guidelines for employing or engaging disqualified or convicted persons
  • 50/50 rule for speculative personal injury matters
  • Employment of convicted or disqualified persons

Member Services and Products


Corporate Services


Workplace health and safety

  • Please be advised, all our Workplace Health and Safety policies are currently being reviewed and updated

Marketing and Engagement

  • Publications (editorial policies and contributor guidelines)
    Proctor editorial policy and contributor guidelines
    QLS Update editorial policy and contributor guidelines
  • Third-party usage of the logo


People and Culture

Our lists

For consumers, below will assist you to find a local solicitor in a relevant area of legal practice


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