QLS Pro Bono Referral Service

Queensland Law Society's (QLS) Pro Bono Referral Service is a structured referral scheme to facilitate pro bono legal assistance between the community and the private legal profession. The Service will make every effort to help an eligible person but there is no guarantee that assistance will be given.

The Service is intended to improve access to justice for members of the community who:

  • do not have sufficient funds to retain a private solicitor
  • are unable to obtain appropriate legal aid from government funded bodies or community based organisations
  • have a meritorious legal matter, and
  • have a legal matter which concerns civil law, not family or criminal law.

The Service was established to coordinate and target pro bono referrals in civil matters for people experiencing hardship. It aims to:

  • assist people who cannot obtain legal aid and who can not afford legal services
  • assist solicitors who undertake pro bono legal work for the Service by providing training, assessment and referral services
  • make pro bono legal services more accessible for the public, and
  • raise awareness of social justice issues and participate in the development of socio-legal policies, laws and legal practices for the benefit of disadvantaged people.

The objectives of the Service are to provide:

  • an efficient and structured referral service in civil law pro bono matters
  • a central point of contact for pro bono cases for both members of the public seeking assistance and participating members of the legal profession
  • a reduction in duplication and misdirection of referrals for pro bono legal services
  • a reduction in professional costs for participating firms through LawRight’s assessment of applications for assistance
  • a filter for pro bono referrals, and
  • a clear explanation to applicants whose matters are assessed as lacking merit.

Whilst the Society strongly encourages firms to undertake pro bono work, their participation in the Service is voluntary.

The Service is administered by LawRight.

How to apply

In order to receive assistance you need to satisfy the means and merits tests. If you are unsure if your matter complies with the eligibility criteria or would like further information, please contact:

QLS Bono Referral Service Solicitor
Telephone: (07) 3846 6317
Fax: 07-3846 6311
Email: probonoconnect@lawright.org.au
Website: www.lawright.org.au

An Application Form and Guidelines for the Pro Bono Referral Service can be found on the LawRight website.

Please note that the QLS Pro Bono Referral Service does not warrant or guarantee the work undertaken by any solicitor to which you may be referred and we are not liable in relation to any aspect of legal services they may provide to you.