Trust Accounting Remedial Course

The purpose of the course is to provide legal practitioners, whose actions are capable of constituting unsatisfactory professional conduct or whose fitness to practice has been called into question, with additional awareness of their trust accounting obligations.

Solicitors may be referred or recommended to complete the course by QCAT, the Legal Practice Committee, the Legal Services Commission (LSC), Council or the Executive Committee of the Council of Queensland Law Society. The one-day course is carried out by the Society’s trust account experts, who deliver specialised training in trust accounting, and the competency expected of solicitors when handling trust money. 

How to apply?

In most instances, participants are referred and the Society will initiate contact in relation to the referral.
In order to apply for the course the following items must be completed by the relevant application closing date:

  1. A completed enrolment form
  2. The application fee paid $1,500.00 (inclusive of GST). An invoice will be sent to you by the Events team after you submit the enrolment form.

For further information about the course or to register please contact the Society’s Regulation team on 07 3842 5908 or by email to 

Workshop dates for 2022

Enrolment deadlineWorkshop dateWorkbook assessment dueExam date
Thursday 24 February 2022Thursday 17 March 2022Thursday 31 March 2022Thursday 7 April 2022
Wednesday 13 April 2022Wednesday 4 May 2022Wednesday 18 May 2022Wednesday 25 May 2022
Thursday 21 July 2022Thursday 11 August 2022Thursday 25 August 2022Thursday 1 September 2022
Wednesday 14 September 2022Wednesday 5 October 2022Wednesday 19 October 2022Wednesday 26 October 2022