Creating a log in for new myQLS

If you are known to QLS, we will send you an invitation to join the new portal. 

Create Log In when invited

If you are known to QLS, you will be sent an portal invitation.  If you are missing your invitation, please email Invitations are progressively been sent to practising certificate holders throughout April. 

Step 1 Receive an email from QLS.

1. Click the link provided to redeem in the invitation

Step 2 Invitation Code

1. You will come to webpage that automatically adds the invitation code.  The invitation code is needed to match you to your information. 

2. Click Register for myQLS.  

3. A sign in page will appear, click Sign up now

Step 3 Create a log in

 1. Provide an email address that you will have continued access to. Not an employment email address.  This email address is not displayed on any of QLS's websites.  Once you have access to the portal you can add preferred contact emails.  

2. Click send verification code

3. We will email you a verification code to confirm your email. 

Step 4 Receive the verification code

1. You will receive a code by email. 

2. Enter the code into the verification code field and click verify code. 

Note: the verification code will expire after 20 minutes.  If the code expires, click send new code.

Step 5 Complete the remainder of the form

1. Now enter a password

2. The password must be between 8 and 64 characters.
The password must have at least 4 of the following:
- a lowercase letter
- an uppercase letter
- a digit
- a symbol 

3. Enter your given name and surname 

4. Click create. 

5. You are taken to the new my QLS portal.