Certificate of Fitness

A certificate of fitness and good standing is an official document detailing your admission, your practising certificate history, any disciplinary matters brought against you in Queensland, and whether or not you are considered to be a fit and proper person to practice law.

Most law societies, both in Australia and abroad, will require one of these before granting you a practising certificate. Please be advised that most jurisdictions will not accept a certificate of fitness that is more than 30 days old. Always check with the relevant body before requesting a certificate of fitness in advance.

A certificate of fitness costs $176.00 (incl GST). This document is normally issued within 5 working days from application.

The application form (available to be downloaded below) can be submitted to the Society by: 

  • email to records@qls.com.au OR
  • post to Records and Member Services, Queensland Law Society, GPO Box 1785, Brisbane Qld 4001