Legal and consumer rights

Legal rights

Your legal rights are common law rights as provided in local, state and federal law.

Queensland Law Society (QLS) supports your legal rights by ensure that legislation protects, rather than compromises, the welfare and interests of the broader community. We examine proposed legislation to check for issues with new regulations, any contradictions with current laws or for serious, usually unforeseen, consequences on people’s private lives and business interests. QLS has successfully advocated on a number of issues to the Queensland Government, resulting in Acts that can be practically applied and are just and beneficial to the community.

In individual matters solicitors can help support your legal rights, e.g. by making your will, in family law matters, relating to custody arrangements and when signing contracts such as property settlements or business leases. Find a solicitor or view our legal brochures.

Consumer rights

Legal rights extend to goods and services you consume as an individual and they are usually noted in consumer protection laws, in Australia called the Competition and Consumer Act 2010. This Act outlines the rules businesses have to comply with in order to provide a fair market place. Standards have been developed in relation to:

  • guarantees, warranties and refunds
  • how businesses can sell to the consumer
  • direct marketing
  • contract validity criteria.

The watchdog for the Australian market is the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). In Queensland the Office of Fair Trading is the place to search for information on businesses, consumer rights and responsibilities and if you need to resolve an issue.