You and your solicitor

The roles of Queensland solicitors are as diverse as the community they serve - from helping people buy a new home or start a business, representing a client in a relationship breakdown, to fighting for human rights or the environment.

If you haven't used a solicitor before, you may not know where to find one, what to expect when using one, or what to do if things don't work out as you expected.

This section helps to explain how solicitors work and what you can do to make the process as smooth as possible.

Using a solicitor

Solicitors are highly-trained professionals who can guide you through the potential pitfalls of the law in Queensland. They understand the complexities and consequences of the law and can often find alternatives to resolve your issue that you may not have considered.

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How solicitors & barristers differ

Solicitors are highly trained professionals who look after your interests and can guide you through difficult circumstances. They understand the complexities and consequences of the law and can often find alternatives to your issue that you may not have considered.

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Accredited specialists

Accredited Specialists are lawyers who have successfully completed an advanced, peer-reviewed assessment program specific to their area of expertise, demonstrating their high level of knowledge and skills in that area. Only lawyers, not law practices, can be Accredited Specialists.

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Choosing a solicitor

When choosing a solicitor it pays to compare different solicitors’ experience, service and costs.

You could consider using a solicitor whom you, or your family or friends, have used in the past. Alternatively you could ask somebody to recommend a solicitor.

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Solicitor fees and charges

When you engage a solicitor you will be expected to pay for their experience and skill, the resources and time spent, and the expected result.

The Society has prepared factsheets to fully explain your rights and obligations when instructing a solicitor.

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Working with your solicitor

For many people, using a solicitor’s services for a legal issue is unfamiliar territory. Some may be unsure about the legal process, concerned about the emotional toll of detailing a particular problem, or are apprehensive about costs.

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Resolving a complaint

If you have questions or concerns regarding your solicitor’s service, there is a recommended process for you to follow.

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Pro Bono referral service

Queensland Law Society's (QLS) Pro Bono Referral Service is a structured referral scheme to facilitate pro bono legal assistance between the community and the private legal profession.

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Victim Assist

Victim Assist Queensland provides information and advice for victims of crime including information about support services, victims’ rights and financial assistance. 

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Affected by cyber attacks?

If you’ve suffered loss as a result of cyber fraud involving a law firm, there are some options available to you. 

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Legal brochures

Access legal information brochures that can provide a guide to the law on subjects as diverse as buying or selling a residential property, enduring power of attorney or making a will.

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