Legal brochures

Legal information brochures provide a guide to the law on subjects as diverse as buying or selling a residential property, leasing premises for a business, enduring power of attorney, buying or selling a small business, making a will and alternative dispute resolution. Access and download copies below, or contact (07) 3842 5882 for more information.

A legal guide to business leases

If you don’t already occupy suitable premises for your business, you have a choice to buy or lease. The right option for you can be better determined with the advice of financial and legal professionals

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Alternative dispute resolution

No matter who you are in a dispute with – a neighbour, friend, business associate or a major corporation – the option of using alternative dispute resolution, instead of a draining legal battle, is well worth considering.

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Buying or selling a residential property

Buying Buying or selling a residential property will be one of your most important financial transactions.

To be confident in your decision, and to ensure that no avoidable costs or issues arise, seek the advice of your solicitor before you sign any contract.

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Buying, setting up or selling a small business

Establishing yourself as a business owner requires careful planning, including understanding of various legal requirements. The best chance for a new business to succeed is to get the right start with professional guidance from a solicitor.

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Estate planning

Estate planning is the overarching term used for making decisions in relation to preparing a will and also preparing an enduring power of attorney – which allows you to nominate how you would like to have your personal, financial and health care matters managed, should you lose capacity to make those decisions.

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Family law

Family law regulates legal obligations and responsibilities of couples who marry, live together as de facto partners or have children together. Family law can apply at any time in the relationship – including before, during and after the relationship.

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QLS providing leadership in law

Queensland Law Society is the public’s gateway for clear, accurate, up-to-date information regarding the law and legal issues.  We are the voice for the legal profession, but we also represent the interests of the community.

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Questions to ask your solicitor

For many people, using a solicitor’s services for a legal issue is unfamiliar territory. Some may be unsure about the legal process, concerned about the emotional toll of detailing a particular problem or apprehensive about costs.

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Understanding Queensland’s court system

Queensland has five levels of court jurisdiction and tribunals set up by state legislation to deal with a variety of matters.

The type of offence or dispute determines which court or tribunal looks after it.

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Workplace relations

Solicitors can help in understanding workplace rights and obligations and to resolve workplace relations disputes. If you have a wage dispute, return to work or leave issue, dismissal, bullying or other problem, your solicitor can work to achieve practical resolutions and can represent you in court action if necessary.

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