Access to Justice Scorecard

Queensland Law Society’s annual Access to Justice Survey asks members of the legal profession to identify existing barriers and propose ideas on how to improve access to justice for Queenslanders.

Purpose of the survey

To determine the current and key barriers to accessing justice for people in Queensland. Please complete the survey from what you observe as a practitioner, to be the barriers to people accessing justice in Queensland.

How will my feedback help?

With your feedback we will advocate for action to increase or redirect resources to enable effective and practical legal assistance and representation, and therefore seek to increase access to justice in Queensland.

What is ‘access to justice’?

The Law Council of Australia considers that “the system which delivers access to justice should be; fair; just in the results that it delivers; accessible to the people who need to use it; responsive to their needs; and properly resourced”    [1]

[1]   The Justice Project (11 March 2019) Law Council of Australia<>

Access to Justice 2022 Scorecard

Download the 2022 Access to Justice Scorecard data analysis and report at the bottom of the page.

The Scorecard assesses the workings of our legal system through the lens of the profession, including the fairness of our laws, dispute resolution and Queenslanders' access to legal help. Each year a broad range of respondents provide input including those from private practice, influential non-profits, government and the tertiary education sector.

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