About Committees

As a member you have the exclusive opportunity to join one of our policy committees to actively participate and advocate for improvements and changes to the law and the legal profession in Queensland. 

The policy committees provide expert advice to Council, develops policy positions, guidance materials and submissions on legislative and policy initiatives.

Many of our committee policy members find their positions are invaluable for their professional collegiality, and enjoy the opportunity to apply their skills and expertise to our central ethos of advocating for good law and supporting good lawyers.

Our committees have undertaken considerable work to respond to issues faced by the profession as a result of COVID-19. 

Committee members have raised issues for consideration by the Queensland government in drafting emergency legislation and assisted to draft submissions to the State Courts about the effectiveness of ‘COVID-19’ measures during the height of the pandemic, and those that can be improved and retained going forward. 

What is involved?

Committee meetings are conducted every eight weeks, each calendar year at Law Society House, and are usually one hour in length. 

Members are expected to attend each of meeting in person or by phone; and contribute to meeting discussions and matters in between meetings, including relevant policy submissions. 

Each policy committee is administered by one of our Policy Solicitors who liaises with the Chair on meeting agendas and minutes, meeting times, stakeholder engagements, the drafting of submissions and preparations for public hearings. 

We encourage interested individuals to review the Policy Committee Charter before making an application to join.  This document includes information about your role as a committee member or a committee chair.

How much time is required?

We are often asked this question but it can be difficult to gauge the exact time contribution outside of the committee meetings. It is largely dependent on the submission work and stakeholder engagement which can vary throughout the year and from committee to committee.

Our committee members occupy a position of trust, confidence and influence within the Society and with our various stakeholders. It is a voluntary and honorary role which contributes substantially to leadership of the legal profession in Queensland. 

How do I join a committee?

At any point in time, full, associate or honorary members of the Society can apply to join any of our policy committees. 

  1. Send a brief email outlining your expression of interest (and if you are interested in the role of Chair or Deputy Chair), and a copy of your CV or professional profile (this can be your LinkedIn profile) setting out your skills and expertise in this area.  
  2. Your expression of interest is considered by the Committee and the Executive Committee of the QLS Council which makes a determination on all committee appointments.