Organisation renewal information

Frequently asked questions

Information your practitioners will need before they commence their online renewal applications

To make the online renewal process as quick and easy as possible, please ensure that your practitioners have the following information before they start the process:

How to log in to mQLS

Practitioners will go to myQLS and log in using their username and password. There are prompts on the sign in page for forgotten username and passwords. For additional help logging in, please contact our Records & Member Services team on 1300 367 757 or email

Up to date details on their myQLS profile

Before 1 May, encourage practitioners to log in to their myQLS profile and check that their name, contact details and employment details are correct. They can update personal and contact details in the My Details section. If their name or employment details are incorrect please ask them to contact our Records & Member Services team on 1300 367 757 or by email

Who will be paying their fees (the practitioner or the organisation)

If the organisation is paying for any subscriptions on behalf of their practitioners, then Stage one – Subscription selection of the payment summary should be completed by 1 May 2024. 

If this is not completed prior to your practitioners renewing, your practitioners will be required to make full payment by credit card.

Advise your practitioners which, if any, subscription/s the organisation is paying for. These subscriptions are the selections you made in the payment summary.

Practitioners are responsible for ensuring their subscriptions are paid by 31 May 2024.

Whether or not they are opting out of the QLS Professional Standards (Limitation of Liability) Scheme

If your organisation is a law practice that participates in the QLS Professional Standards (Limitation of Liability) Scheme, please inform practitioners so they do not elect to be exempt from the Scheme. To gain the full benefit of the liability cap, all practitioners within a law practice need to be QLS members and members of the Professional Standards Scheme. For enquiries telephone 1300 367 757 or email

Practitioners are CPD compliant

Practitioners must achieve a minimum CPD requirement of 10 units by 31 March 2024 for the 2024-25 year. This includes at least one CPD unit in each of the compulsory core areas of professional skills, practical legal ethics, and practice management and business skills. If practitioners have not achieved the minimum CPD requirement by 31 March 2024, they should contact QLS’s Records and Member Services team on 1300 067 757 or email For information on CPD, read the CPD Guide, telephone 1300 367 757 or email

All organisations must action their payment summary

The payment summary is completed in two stages.

Please note a payment summary only needs to be completed if you intend to pay for any subscriptions on behalf of your practitioners.

Stage One - Subscription selection

  • In Stage one you can select the subscriptions your practice intends to pay for - including practising certificates, membership fees, other fees and accreditations
  • These selections will be noted in your employee’s renewal form.
  • The payment summary Stage One should be completed by 30 April 2024.

Stage Two – Payment

  • Once all your employees have renewed their practising certificates, your organisation must confirm the employees, subscriptions and practice fees which will be included in a bulk payment. Payment can be made by either credit card or by another method.
  • Any subscriptions selected for your practitioners that have not been paid by 31 May 2024 will be requested to be paid directly from the employees.
Where are the PII invoice and top up insurance invoices located?

All invoices can be found under the Recent Documents section of the organisation’s myQLS home page.

Finance ready

QLS has secured a premium funding arrangement with Westpac bank for 2024-25 renewal of practising certificates and QLS memberships. This allows the costs of renewals to be funded by the bank at 2.95% interest with an establishment fee of $100, payable over a 10-month term. If you intend to finance through Westpac, you must consent via the Payment Summary before 30 April 2024.

If the organisation is applying for finance for the payment of practitioners’ fees and insurance levies through a financial provider, please make sure the application for finance is sent to the financial provider with enough time to be processed and fees paid and received by QLS before 31 May 2024. Find out more about preferred member arrangement QLS has with Westpac Banking Corporation here.

Your organisation would have already indicated if they are intending to finance with Westpac during the PII Renewals period.

This selection is visible in your organisation's payment summary. You can change your selection in the payment summary if needed.

Where are online renewal application forms located?

An email will be sent to practitioners on 1 May 2024, directing them to login to myQLS . Practitioners will need to go to Notifications/Tasks section of the myQLS home page to locate the Renew your QLS practising certificate notification. Practitioners will click Renew now to begin the renewal process or Not renewing if they are not renewing their practising certificate for 2024-25.

If additional assistance is needed, please contact our Records & Member Services team on 1300 367 757 or email

What is the deadline for renewal applications?

All renewal application forms must be submitted online and prescribed fees received by QLS on or before 31 May 2024 (rule 17(1) of the Queensland Law Society Administration Rule 2005).

When is the due date for payments?

The due date is 31 May 2024. Practising certificates will not issue until all fees and insurance levies are paid.

Payment options for organisations

Payments may be made by organisations paying some or all of their practitioners’ fees as soon as all practitioners have submitted their online renewal application forms.

The payment summary sheet for your law practice can only be obtained through myQLS on or after 1 May. It will not be emailed to you.

Westpac finance

QLS has secured a premium funding arrangement with Westpac bank, which allows the costs of renewals to be funded by the bank at 2.95% interest and $100 establishment fee, over a 10-month term. For more information contact QLS’s Records and Member Services team on 1300 367 757 or email

Payment by credit card

Available when the payment summary is finalised.

Payment by BPay

BPay payment references will be available in the finalised payment summary PDF. You can access this PDF in the Recent Documents section of myQLS.

Payment by bank deposit

If paying by bank deposit, include your QLS number followed by your firm name in the reference field on payment to ensure prompt processing. Incorrect details in the reference field may delay the issuing of practising certificates.


Refunds will be processed as soon as possible, in the order they are received. Please note, due to the large number of payments being processed during the renewal period, refunds may take up to 8 weeks to process from the date of the request of the refund.

Do you need further information?

If you have any questions or require assistance during the renewal period, please contact our Records and Member Services team on 1300 367 757 or email about professional indemnity insurance, the calculation sheet or top-up insurance options offered by Lexon Insurance should be directed to Lexon Insurance Pte Ltd by telephone on 07 3007 1266 or email at