Practitioner renewal information

Frequently asked questions

Does the law practice participate in the QLS Professional Standards (Limitation of Liability) Scheme?

QLS members associated with law practices automatically participate in the QLS Professional Standards (Limitation of Liability) Scheme. To not participate in the Scheme, you must apply for an exemption when renewing your membership. Please ensure you have discussed this with your employer before completing your renewal application. For enquiries, phone 1300 367 757 or email

Are you CPD compliant?

Ensure you have achieved your minimum CPD requirement of 10 units by 31 March 2024. This includes at least one CPD unit in each of the compulsory core areas of professional skills, practical legal ethics and practice management and business skills. If practitioners will not achieve the minimum CPD requirement by 31 March 2024, they should contact QLS’s Records and Member Services team on 1300 067 757 or email For further information on CPD read the CPD Guide or contact the CPD administrator on 1300 367 757 or email 

You know who will be paying your fees (you or your employer)

Your organisation will complete a payment summary if it intends to pay for any subscriptions on behalf of its practitioners. These subscriptions may include practising certificates, membership fees, other fees and accreditation. The organisation should advise which, if any, subscription/s the organisation is paying for. 

If the organisation is paying for any subscriptions, for example, practising certificate, then no payment for a practising certificate will be required.

These selections have been noted in each employee's renewal application. 

Practitioners are responsible for ensuring any outstanding subscriptions are paid by 31 May 2024.

If you are paying your own fees, have a credit card ready when you submit your form. 

Renewal application

Do you need further information?

If you have questions or need assistance during the renewal period, please contact our Records & Member Services team on 1300 367 757 or by email

Where do I find my online renewal application form?

Your online renewal application form will appear in myQLS on 1 May 2024. You will receive an email directing you to it when it is available.

Log in to myQLS using your QLS username (email address) and password and go to the Notifications/tasks section.  There will be a notification directing you to Renew your QLS practising certificate. Click Renew Now to commence the application. If you are not renewing for the 2024-25 year, click Not renewing

If you need help logging in please contact our Records & Member Services team on 1300 367 757 or email

If your details are not correct on this page, please contact our Records & Member Services team before proceeding further. Incorrect information here may cause problems with your invoice or practising certificate.

Under rule 18A of the Queensland Law Society Administration Rule 2005 it is the responsibility of each practitioner to provide any change of address or place of employment to QLS within seven days of the change occurring. Changes should be notified in writing to

Once you have submitted your renewal form, the completed form will be available in the Recent Documents section of the myQLS home page.

What is the deadline for renewal applications?

You can renew online from 1 May 2024. All renewal application forms must be successfully submitted online and prescribed fees received by QLS on or before 31 May 2024 (rule 17(1) of the Queensland Law Society Administration Rule 2005).

A renewal application is only complete when all fees have been received by the Society. 

When are payments due?

All fees are due by 31 May 2024. Before you log in to complete your practising certificate renewal application, you must know who is paying your fees. Practising certificates will not issue until all fees are paid.

Payment options

Fees may be paid as soon as you have submitted your online renewal application forms. If your employer is paying your fees (practising certificate and/or membership), please ensure you discuss this with them. This will help you to ensure that no overpayments are made by you or your employer.

Payment options for individuals are as follows:

Credit card

You can pay by credit card at the time of completing your renewal forms. Simply click on the pay now by credit card on the payment review page.

When will I receive my practising certificate?

To ensure efficiency and sustainability, your practising certificate will be issued electronically as a PDF once your renewal application is successfully submitted, all prescribed fees are received, and all requirements are met.


Refunds will be processed as soon as possible, in the order they are received. Please note, due to the large number of payments being processed during the renewal period, refunds may take up to 8 weeks to process from the date of the request of the refund.