Professional Services

Services are provided by QLS or with assistance from QLS to help members with working in the legal sector

Library services

Queensland Law Society full members have complimentary access to online research and access to the Supreme Court Library Queensland's (SCLQ) resources and support services via the QLS website.

QLS Senior Counsellors

QLS Senior Counsellors (Senior Counsellors) are experienced practitioners who are available to provide guidance to a practitioner on any professional or ethical problem. The service should be seen by practitioners as “calling a professional friend”.

Ethics guidance

Information on all aspects of professional conduct and ethics including conflicts, client capacity, confidentiality and privilege, duties to the court, liens, costs, cybersecurity and more. QLS has comprehensive online resources for ethical guidance and practice support related issues.

Business Advisory Service (BAS)

The Business Advisory Service (BAS) offers guidance to members and their practices on budgeting, financials, pricing, succession planning, staffing, business development and establishment options. 

Costs Advisory Service (CAS)

The Costs Advisory Service (CAS) offers guidance to members and their practices on costs issues such as regulatory requirements, disclosure, costs agreement and the assessment process.

Employment Law Advice Service (ELAS)

The Employment Law Advice Service (ELAS) offers guidance to members and their practices who have employment law issues. This service is provided via subject matter experts. 

Workplace Conduct Advisory Service (WCAS)

Eligible small practices may seek advice concerning best practice to manage complaints involving discrimination, sexual harassment or workplace bullying and the design of appropriate policies to deal with such conduct. This service is administered by QLS Solicitor Support Pty Ltd (‘QLS Solicitor Support’), our independent legal practice. This allows advice to be given confidentially and with the benefit of legal professional privilege.

Enhanced access to Brisbane Courts

Queensland Law Society members can apply for Brisbane Law Courts Complex access cards. Initiated by the Society and the Bar Association of Queensland, and endorsed by the Supreme and District Courts, the court access card saves you time providing quick, hassle-free access to the complex without the need to be screened by security.

Non-Binding Ethics Ruling

As a service to members, the QLS Ethics Centre offers Non-Binding Ethics Rulings on disputes between Australian legal practitioners (at least one of whom is a QLS member), or their practices, over ethical matters.

Delayed Judgment Service

Queensland Law Society (QLS) provides an enquiry service chasing up delayed judgments for its members if there is an undue delay in delivering a judgment.

Practice Advisory Service

The Practice Advisory Service (PAS) is a complimentary service offered by QLS Solicitor Support Pty Ltd (a wholly owned incorporated legal practice of QLS). Our solicitors have years of experience running their own practices and are able to provide guidance in essential areas such as appropriate management systems for incorporated legal practices, legal project management, records management, costs disclosure, client agreements, and practice management generally. 

Trust Account Consultancy

Queensland Law Society (QLS) is committed to assisting the profession practice in an efficient, practical and a precise manner and provide a number of complimentary resources and services to support the day-to-day operation of a law practice. The requirement to manage trust money and to maintain trust accounting records is integral, however complexities can occur in particular when starting a new practice.


QLS's Locum Service connects sole to small practices seeking short or fixed-term assistance with experienced solicitors.

QLS referral service

The Queensland Law Society provides a free referral list for the public. This service is known as 'Find a Solicitor'. Eligible members can request to appear on the list.