Celebrating 150 years

In 2023 Queensland Law Society celebrates the 150 years of providing leadership, guidance, and support to the legal profession as the peak representative body for solicitors in Queensland. 

In our sesquicentennial year QLS celebrates the events and achievements that have shaped the legal profession over the past 150 years, and recognises those who have served and contributed to its proud history. 

A Force for Good

Established at a meeting of 15 solicitors at the Supreme Court in 1873, the Society was formed out of a sincere desire on the part of solicitors to protect the public from those within their ranks who were guilty of dishonourable conduct, and to safeguard the reputation of the profession from those who would bring it into disrepute.  

Its founding vision was to be a force for good – to advise the legislature on amendments to law, to disseminate legal knowledge, and to set a standard of honour and integrity within the profession. 

Since then, QLS has supported the legal profession through the sometimes turbulent events of the twentieth century, to the rapidly changing social, political and technological environment of today. Our achievements over the past 150 years have shaped almost every aspect of the practice of law in Queensland. 

While the profession has grown and changed immeasurably over the past 150 years, this purpose – Good Law - Good Lawyers - Public Good – remains unchanged.

Today, QLS is proud to represent the interests of over 11,000 members, and provide a clear, passionate voice for the Queensland legal profession. 

Proctor – Feature Article Spotlight

To mark this historic milestone, QLS Proctor has published a feature article series which delves into diverse aspects of the Society’s history, including women in the law, ethics, policy and law reform and work to advance first nations people in the profession.

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