QLS Venue Terms and conditions

Room hire fees

Room hire charges are as advertised from time-to-time in the venue guide booklet. A 15% weekend surcharge may apply to room hire and associated costs on Saturdays and Sundays. The surcharge is included in the final quote. GST charges apply.

Hire fee payment

Hire fees can be paid prior to the event date or on the day at QLS reception. Full payment for room hire is the responsibility of the applicant making the booking. One invoice will be issued per reservation. Additional fees may be charged for other services. Payment for any additional charges such as extra cleaning and/or non-complimentary food and drink items consumed on the day of the event can be made on the day of the scheduled booking at reception (EFTPOS or credit card facilities are available) or in accordance with the payment terms of the issued invoice.

Cancellation or changes

If you need to cancel the event, you must notify QLS at facilities@qls.com.au as soon as possible prior to the event. No cancellation fee for the booking applies. For outsourced catering services, cancellation charges may apply. If you need to change the start and/or end time of the event, you must notify QLS at facilities@qls.com.au. Changes will be subject to availability. Events must end no later than 10pm.


All catering is outsourced and will be charged back at cost and invoiced after the event. Catering prices quoted are indicative only and are subject to change based on supplier pricing. Weekend surcharges may also apply. Charges for catering services provided directly by QLS such as soft drinks will be based on consumption. Coffee and tea are complimentary with room hire. For details refer to the venue guide. If the applicant arranges its own catering, QLS will assist with set up and clean up for no extra charge. No deep frying is permitted at Law Society House.

Conduct & behaviour

All persons at the venue as a result of this application must conduct themselves in an orderly and lawful manner. QLS reserve its right to end the event if QLS reasonably believe that the event is not being conducted in compliance with these terms and conditions. QLS is not responsible for any costs or expenses incurred as a result of terminating the event on this basis. The applicant is responsible for guests’ conduct and removing anybody displaying abusive, disruptive or disorderly behaviour. Noise levels must not exceed a level that is reasonably expected to disrupt QLS or other patrons at Law Society House.


QLS does not provide security for users of hired rooms and all personal property left in the hired room/s is at the sole risk of the owner. Events with more than 100 people may require the attendance of a security guard, the engagement and costs of which is the responsibility of the applicant. Any security contractors are forbidden from bringing any weapons into or near (i.e. Law Society House entrance) the venue. Law Society House and level 2, reception of QLS is under 24 hours Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) surveillance and is monitored live by the facilities team.

Contractors, exhibitors & equipment

All contractors or subcontractors appointed by or on behalf of the applicant are the sole responsibility of the applicant and must comply with all applicable Workplace Health and Safety Act (Qld) (WPHS) requirements and any safety directions given by QLS staff. QLS may require any contractors or subcontractors to undertake a WPHS induction and reserves the right to review any engagement agreement between the applicant and a contractor or subcontractor and to inspect, test and tag equipment upon request. All contractors must hold the appropriate insurance.

Signage, advertising and decorations

No items are to be attached, blu taced, pinned, nailed, screwed, stapled or glued to the walls, doors or other surfaces at the venue. Signage in public areas (such as the front of Law Society House) must be approved by QLS and comply with any relevant advertising laws and regulations. QLS can assist with decoration setup. Balloons (including helium), naked flames, such as candles and sparklers, and all forms of glitter are not permitted at QLS.

Transport, storage and set up/pack up

Transport and storage of any items and equipment before and after your scheduled booking is the responsibility of the applicant. Set up and pack up of the event is the responsibility of the applicant, however, QLS can assist upon request. Access to the venue outside the scheduled booking time must be arranged with QLS. A short term carpark and/or loading zone at Law Society House may be arranged upon request to QLS for delivery and collection purposes only. Disability parking and access can be arranged upon request.

Smoking policy

QLS is a smoke and vape free venue. All persons in attendance at Law Society House must comply with Queensland Government Tobacco Laws (no smoking within 4 metres of building entrance or in the easement/driveway). Fines apply.


 The applicant agrees to indemnify, defend and hold QLS harmless from any loss, damage, liability, costs or damages arising from:

  • any acts or omissions of the applicant, its guests, representatives, agents, employees, contractors or related parties whose attendance at QLS resulted from this application; and
  • any actual or threatened claims or causes of action by a person in attendance at QLS in connection with this application for loss, injury, death or damage of any kind arising from the applicant’s use of the venue, which is caused or contributed to by the  negligence or intentional misconduct of the applicant or any of its guests, representatives, agents, employees or related parties.

Laws and regulations

Queensland and Commonwealth laws apply. The applicant is responsible for monitoring and ensuring all guests, representatives, agents, employees, contractors or related parties comply with all relevant laws and regulations.


Queensland Law Society (the Society) is collecting your personal information for the purpose of processing your booking of the Society facilities. Business details are displayed on the electronic notice board in the reception area of Law Society House on level 2 to display your booking on the day it is held.

Any personal information you provide in relation to your booking to enable staff of the Society to contact you to discuss your booking, will only be used for that purpose. In accordance with the Electronic Transactions (Queensland) Act 2001, the Society may provide notices to you by electronic communication. By completing this booking inquiry form, your consent to this form of contact is taken to be given.

The Society may also use third parties to administer and deliver services and communications to you by email or mail. Some third party suppliers or their products and services are located overseas. Business details and personal information you choose to provide on this form may be transferred to an overseas recipient and stored overseas to administer such services and communications to you. By completing this booking inquiry form, you agree to this transfer and Australian Privacy Principle 8.1 will not apply to this disclosure.

The Society uses CCTV systems for 24 hour video surveillance, which monitors and records activity in the following areas: main entrance to the premises, main foyer near ground level lifts, driveway on the side of the premises, at the rear of the premises and basement 1 near the lifts. By completing this booking inquiry form, your consent to being filmed for security purposes is taken to be given.

Further details about the Society’s Privacy Statement, Plan and Code of Practice and the collection of personal information can be found on the Privacy policy page.